The Hotel Jägerhof looks back on a long history. In 1906, the “Jägerhof” was built as a simple inn at Kolsassberg. In 1941, Maria Egger inherited the Jägerhof from her father and continued to run it with her husband Rudolf Egger. Their son, Rudi Egger, became “Jägerhof host” in 1970 and led the family business with his wife Siegfriede with passion. Their children, Wolfgang and Gerda, run the new Hotel Jägerhof with heart and soul today.

The next generation is already actively striving for your well-being every day. With Daniel and Nicole Parger, a family business that has been successful for generations, continues to be managed with a lot of ingenuity, comfort and tradition.


  • On March 25, 1941

Maria EGGER née SCHWEIGER inherited the “Jägerhof” from her father Johann.

  • In 1970

her son Rudi EGGER became the innkeeper of the “Jägerhof” and led the family business with his wife Siegfriede.

  • In 1997

their children Wolfgang EGGER and Gerda PARGER took over the “Jägerhof”.

  • On March 4, 1997

at 00.05 o’clock the “Jägerhof “ burned down.


  • .There is immediate reconstruction

and the new Hotel “Jägerhof” was inaugurated on Mai 31, 1998.